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Our Mission is to promote, teach and restore mind/body health.

The New Orleans Center for Mind-Body Health (NOCMBH) is dedicated to the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of behavioral health and stress-related disorders. It offers psychiatric healthcare integrated within a team of stress management and Mind-Body Skills Trainers. Clients come to the NOCMBH for four main reasons: 

  • To see a psychiatrist and be evaluated and treated for a behavioral or stress-related disorder

  • To participate in a Wellness Stress Reduction Skills 7-week Educational Group that teaches healthy stress management, nutrition and exercise

  • To see a licensed counselor in individual mind-body skills training and therapy

  • To see a licensed nutritionist for a mind-body evaluation and treatment recommendation focused on food as a medical means of modulating stress and enhancing mind-body health.

Although not necessary, patients without a physician or behavioral healthcare referral, who are having a disturbing level of stress symptoms, are encouraged to make an initial evaluation with the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will then make recommendations, which often include the integrative use of the educational groups and/or Mind-Body Skills Training, in addition to medications and individual psychotherapy.


Psychiatrist evaluation, Wellness Stress Reduction Skills Group, Individual Mind-Body Skills Training, Counseling and Nutritionist- Call NOCMBH at 504-355-0509