Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.
What kind of conditions does the New Orleans Center for Mind-Body Health treat?

The Center offers psychiatric evaluation and treatment for stress-related physical symptoms depression, anxiety, bipolar spectrum disorders, personality disorders, relationship difficulties, addiction, and psychiatric aspects of pain.

What is the general treatment philosophy of the Center?

The Center offers treatment utilizing medications, and psychodynamic (insight-oriented) psychotherapy integrated with cognitive-behavioral and mind-body skills. In general, the clinicians evaluate patients and make recommendations that usually include psychotherapy and mind-body skills, which enhance the patient’s capacity for self-observation and self-regulation. An important goal of the Center is to teach patients how their brain works and how to best manage stressful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Tell me more about the Mind-Body/Stress Reduction Skills Training

Stress reduction skills are introduced within group and individual programs. The group program runs 8-sessions with about 6-8 participants. In the first half of the group, the group leader presents information about stress and mind-body interaction and facilitates a discussion about how these concepts apply to group members. In the second half of a group session, group leader teaches specific stress reduction/mind-body skills (See Programs).
The individual Stress Reduction/Mind-Body Skills Sessions are different than the group session in that they are focused on individual training in the specific stress reduction skills within a therapeutic context.


How is therapy combined with medicine?

In most cases, medication management is combined with psychotherapy to help patients develop a greater capacity for managing their brain and lives. During therapy, the therapist helps patients gain insight and understanding of their brain/body reactions and then facilitates the use of mind-body skills to manage the automatic thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and stress reactions.


How does NOCMBH work with outside referrals?

If referring physicians or mental health professionals would like their patients to participate in the Mind-Body Health (Group) Program, please have the patient call NOCMBH at 504-355-0509 and specify the referring primary care physician, nurse practitioner, psychiatrist, or other mental health provider’s name and their desire for the Mind-Body
Health Program.


Does NOCMBH treat patients with pain and/or addictive disorders?

NOCMBH focuses primarily on the psychiatric aspects of chronic pain patients and works in collaboration with other pain doctors.  Mind-Body Skills Training is used as a way of turning down the brain’s cognitive (thoughts) and affective (emotional) pain generators that often significantly influence chronic pain.

We evaluate and treat patients with an addictive disorder who have been through detoxification and are stable in recovery.  Most often, if the person has not yet completed an IOP or Residential Rehabilitation Program that intensively educates them in how to care for their addictive brain and behaviors in conjunction with medications, we will refer them there first before engaging them in ongoing continuity care.