Mind Body Skills Training


A structured, 8-week group program that teaches stress reduction and self-care mind-body skills.

Intended Participants

  • Clients seeking training in mind techniques to manage brain/body stress reactions for disease prevention and health maintenance.
  • Clients with stress from or stress-influenced physical conditions
  • Clients in ongoing insight-oriented therapy with other mental health professionals who would benefit from
    learning behavioral skills that enhance non-judgmental self-observation, de-centering, and grounding in the present.
  • 360-image_r4_c1Clients with chronic pain who would benefit from learning techniques to facilitate turning down central pain generators that perpetuate chronic pain conditions.
  • Clients with addictive disorders who would benefit from learning mind techniques to regulate brain/body pulls toward compulsive substance use.
  • Clients with other conditions such as anxiety and depression (especially with negative ruminative thinking) who would benefit from learning mind techniques designed to help them manage these automatic brain/body thoughts, feelings and physical/somatic sensations.

Program Overview

All sessions are 1.5 hours long and consist of 45 minutes of lecture information and discussion and 45 minutes of skills practice

Session I360-image_r8_c3


Overview of the brain/body stress reaction and information on how life’s experiences can shape the developing brain’s reactions to stress.

Skill – Introduction to breath-work.


360-image_r8_c1Session II

Review of the physiology of the stress response and further discussion on the long-term effects on health. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) and information about how muscle tension increases the body’s stress response.

Skill – Progressive muscle relaxation


360-image_r7_c3Session III

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation. Teaching non-judgmental observation of thoughts, feelings, and body sensations and shifting attention to the present.

Skill – Body scan

360-image_r8_c2Session IV

Learn to let go of thoughts with mindfulness. Instruction on how to manage wandering thoughts through non-judgemental observation.

Skill – Awareness of breathing


360-image_r7_c1Session V

Understanding emotions with mindfulness. Increase ability to observe emotions through connecting to body sensations. Also understanding the connection between thoughts and emotions.

Skill – Variations on mindful breathing

360-image_r6_c3Session VI

Recognizing resistance. Learn how to recognize and let go of resistance in the mind and body.

Skill – Mindful yoga

360-image_r7_c2Session VII

Building a practice. Discussion of how to integrate these exercises into your life. Continue to discuss how to work through unpleasant emotions.

Skill – Breathing space, unpleasant events calendar

360-image_r2_c2Session VIII

Review of overall program and discussion of observations since beginning course. Encouragement and instruction on how to continue an individual practice.


The Mind-Body Health Program enrolls 6-8 clients and repeats every 8 weeks.
Please call 504-355-0509 for appointment.

8-Session Group Program

8-Session Group Program is $600.
Insurance is accepted.

Mind-Body Skills Individual Program

A 16-20 week program with a licensed counselor reviewing and practicing Mind-Body Skills introduced in the Mind-Body Health Group Program above but done individually with greater depth and attunement to the individual’s life context. Each session lasts 45-50 minutes.  Counselors are skilled at focusing on the implementation of Mind-Body Skills within the context of interpersonal counseling sessions that focus on stress and emotional self-regulation, mood disorders, mind-body ailments, addiction, pain disorders and relationship difficulties.


360-image_r2_c3NOCMBH highly recommends regular massage as a means of inducing the relaxation response, detoxifying myofascial trigger and tender points and sustaining optimal mind-body health.  NOCMBH has partnered with Spa Atlantis (504-566-8087) located in the same building.  Reduced fees have been arranged for NOCMBH clients.