for Stress and Anxiety

Three Class Series:

Tuesdays 5:45 – 7:15 pm

March 31st, April 7th, and April 14th

  • Learn a treatment approach that engages the mind and body
  • Reduce symptoms and lessen impact of health issues
  • Change behaviors that contribute to stress
  • Minimize stress held in the body
  • Learn how to use attention, breath, and movement to make meditation more accessible

The series will include three movement meditation practices and techniques that you can do on your own.

You will learn about movement meditation, how it works, and how it can help you. Each class will have a presentation, a practice, and discussion.


Attend classes individually or the entire series

$50 for all three classes
$20 for a single class

Led by
Marcel Allbritton, PhD, C-IAYT

Marcel is a clinical Yoga Therapist certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. He has been practicing as a clinical Yoga therapist for seven years. He specializes in developing mind body practices to assist with stress-related disorders.

Note: Movement meditation practices are appropriate for anyone, regardless of age, health, or level of fitness. Just come as you are, no special clothing required.

Clinical Yoga Therapy

The therapeutic application of the system of yoga to assist individuals with their health problems.

Considers the multiple dimensions of a person (body, breath, emotions, personality, etc.) and is different for each person.

Often includes a focus on movements, breathing, and meditation.

You don’t need to be strong, flexible, young, or in-shape to do yoga therapy.

Q: How does yoga therapy work?

A: Yoga therapy works by balancing the human system. By providing you with an individualized routine, yoga therapy allows you to make continual improvement. The individualized routine or practice is constantly adjusted as your human system changes and as your circumstances change.

Q: What are some of the benefits of yoga therapy?

A: Yoga Therapy promotes true healing by helping to reduce symptoms and forming a more positive association with your health issue.

Q: How long and how often are sessions?
A:The first session is a 90-minute non-invasive evaluation of the patient’s health. Follow-up sessions (every 4-6 weeks) are 60-minutes in length and are used to continually optimize the efficacy of the therapy.

Mind Body Skills Training


A structured, 7-week group program that teaches stress reduction and self-care mind-body skills.

Intended Participants

  • Clients seeking training in mind techniques to manage brain/body stress reactions for disease prevention and health maintenance.
  • Clients with stress from or stress-influenced physical conditions
  • Clients in ongoing insight-oriented therapy with other mental health professionals who would benefit from
    learning behavioral skills that enhance non-judgmental self-observation, de-centering, and grounding in the present.
  • 360-image_r4_c1Clients with chronic pain who would benefit from learning techniques to facilitate turning down central pain generators that perpetuate chronic pain conditions.
  • Clients with addictive disorders who would benefit from learning mind techniques to regulate brain/body pulls toward compulsive substance use.
  • Clients with other conditions such as anxiety and depression (especially with negative ruminative thinking) who would benefit from learning mind techniques designed to help them manage these automatic brain/body thoughts, feelings and physical/somatic sensations.

Program Overview

All sessions are 1.5 hours long and consist of 45 minutes of lecture information and discussion and 45 minutes of skills practice

Session I360-image_r8_c3


Overview of the brain/body stress reaction and information on how life’s experiences can shape the developing brain’s reactions to stress.

Skill – Introduction to breath-work.


360-image_r8_c1Session II

Review of the physiology of the stress response and further discussion on the long-term effects on health. Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) and information about how muscle tension increases the body’s stress response.

Skill – Progressive muscle relaxation


360-image_r7_c3Session III

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation. Teaching non-judgmental observation of thoughts, feelings, and body sensations and shifting attention to the present.

Skill – Body scan

360-image_r8_c2Session IV

Learn to let go of thoughts with mindfulness. Instruction on how to manage wandering thoughts through non-judgemental observation.

Skill – Awareness of breathing


360-image_r7_c1Session V

Understanding emotions with mindfulness. Increase ability to observe emotions through connecting to body sensations. Also understanding the connection between thoughts and emotions.

Skill – Variations on mindful breathing

Session VI

Led by Marcel Albritton, PhD, C-IAYT 

Recognizing resistance. Learn how to recognize and let go of resistance in the mind and body.

Skill – yoga

360-image_r7_c2Session VII

Building a practice. Discussion of how to integrate these exercises into your life. Continue to discuss how to work through unpleasant emotions.

Skill – Breathing space, unpleasant events calendar


The Mind-Body Health Program enrolls 6-8 clients and repeats every 7 weeks.
Please call 504-355-0509 for appointment.

7-Session Group Program

7-Session Group Program is $525.
Insurance is accepted.

Mind-Body Skills Individual Program

A 16-20 week program with a licensed counselor reviewing and practicing Mind-Body Skills introduced in the Mind-Body Health Group Program above but done individually with greater depth and attunement to the individual’s life context. Each session lasts 45-50 minutes.  Counselors are skilled at focusing on the implementation of Mind-Body Skills within the context of interpersonal counseling sessions that focus on stress and emotional self-regulation, mood disorders, mind-body ailments, addiction, pain disorders and relationship difficulties.


360-image_r2_c3NOCMBH highly recommends regular massage as a means of inducing the relaxation response, detoxifying myofascial trigger and tender points and sustaining optimal mind-body health.  NOCMBH has partnered with Spa Atlantis (phone: 504-566-8087) to offer reduced fees for NOCMBH clients.